Titans Season 2 on Netflix

Titans Season 2 on Netflix

So Dick Grayson and the Titans crew young and old from the DC Universe are back in Season 2 on NetFlix. Some of new cast added this Season is Bruce Wayne, Conner aka Superboy with his dog Krypto, Rose Wilson and her Brother Jericho.

Season 2 was streamed with Dick Grayson stepping up to the plate and showing leadership to Jason Todd aka Robin, Gar aka Beast Boy and Rachel aka Raven meanwhile at the same time battling his old demons and threats from the past.

One of the threats was the mercenary and assassin Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, Doctor Light, and Cadmus Labs, all of which threatened to divide and conquer the Titans Team for once and for all! But we know what happened, our heroes emerged victorious in all situations.

The Biggest highlight of the season 2 is when Dick Grayson the former vigilante sidekick of Batman, wants to seek more than just being Robin.

After seeing the journey of how he becomes from the start of the season 2 and finally comes in grip with his demons of the past,to the end where he rejoins with the Titans in one of the fight scenes assuming the new identity of Nightwing.


All DC Fans finally have heard the Good news they were eager to hear Titans DC Universe and Warner Bros confirm that Titans season 3 is happening.


We will keep you updated when the release date is!!

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